Hi, my name is Nikki. 👋 I work in Product Communications at FareHarbor by day and am a freelance writer and classic rock fangirl the rest of the time. Below is a sampling of various things I’ve written outside of Slack.

Local Reporting

For Hoodline, a San Francisco-based news publication, I’ve written about the effect of Japanese American internment on Japantown during WWII, the struggles and successes of small business owners, and the fascinating life of Chinatown nightclub dancer Coby Yee.

My favorite stories are the ones that celebrate the offbeat and hyperlocal threads of a neighborhood, like a beloved jeans store in the Richmond District or a DIY art gallery organized by Bernal Heights residents.

Longer Reads

For The San Franciscan, a local indie print magazine, I’ve written about San Francisco’s window workers, inspired by my dad’s profession as a window installer, and the rise of the rock ballroom in the 1960s.


For fun, I like to write blog posts about my favorite things, like underrated Beatles albums (yes, they exist), Twin Peaks pilgrimages, and early 2000s Internet nostalgia. If you enjoy similar topics and don’t mind the occasional broken YouTube link, you may enjoy browsing the archives.