None of us is getting any younger

You can probably tell from my lack of ecstatic social media posts that I didn’t get tickets to Desert Trip. *sigh.* I was on the website 15 minutes beforehand, waited in a virtual line for an hour, and finally got in only to find that all GA tickets were sold out and the few remaining reserved seatsContinue reading “None of us is getting any younger”

If you’re wondering where I’ll be in April…

…I’ll be right here, in this lovely city, at these awesome events: April 3. San Francisco Civic Symphony Spring Concert. Featuring an arrangement by dear friend Yvette Holzwarth, who is coincidentally performing her MFA Grad Recital at CalArts this weekend! April 7. Therianthrope @ Red Poppy Art House. Tabla aficionado Miles Shrewsbery is another old friend from the UCLA days. These guysContinue reading “If you’re wondering where I’ll be in April…”

The Natch’l Blues

Interesting/relevant thing of the day: “natch” as a slang word has been around since at least the 40s (apparently if I read more comics I would know this). All this time I’ve been associating it with annoying modern abbreviations like “obvi” and “hilar”…I guess on some level that means there’s not much difference between awful internet slang andContinue reading “The Natch’l Blues”

Reason #931205137 To Love Records

Posters. Just look at these gems! That Prince poster was unexpectedly discovered after buying Dirty Minds at Rasputin (oh my gosh, Prince records have the best inserts and posters). And the S&G poster was tucked into a copy of Bookends that I found at a little record store in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s one of my favorite purchases of allContinue reading “Reason #931205137 To Love Records”

Record stores of Amsterdam (a new travel hobby)

What better way to combat jet lag than writing a blog post at 4am? I’m sure I’ll be coming back to edit this one once I “wake up”… Anyway, I’m back from my trip and it would appear that I’ve fallen in love with Amsterdam. The city is beautiful (even in cold weather), and the peopleContinue reading “Record stores of Amsterdam (a new travel hobby)”

Record Store Day 2014 (The Vinyl Frontier)

Yesterday, April 19, was my favorite “holiday” of the year: Record Store Day!I don’t necessarily go for the special deals or releases, but rather just for a good excuse to go record-hunting. This weekend we were in the South Bay, so we visited about five different record stores in the Mountain View/San Jose area. RasputinContinue reading “Record Store Day 2014 (The Vinyl Frontier)”

Is this a freaky dream?

I know I’ve already shared this via Twitter, but it’s one of my favorite things of all things, so I have no shame in posting it everywhere: Ahah, the booty shake at the end is the icing on the cake. Confirmed: Mick Jagger and David Bowie can literally do whatever they want. I like to imagineContinue reading “Is this a freaky dream?”

Angels wanna wear my red shoes

So, it would appear that our Album of the Week became more of an Album Every Two Weeks, which then turned into more of an Artist of the Week…which I am not opposed to. To catch y’all up, last Saturday we took a trip to Rasputin in Berkeley and couldn’t decide between two Elvis CostelloContinue reading “Angels wanna wear my red shoes”

That falsetto though

Many of my favorite people (musical and otherwise) cite Prince as a huge inspiration. As in, “I based most of my songwriting career off of this artist” and “He changed the face of pop music forever.” Yet somehow, before this week, I had never listened to a full Prince album all the way through. NotContinue reading “That falsetto though”

No, that’s all true.

This past week, Alex and I developed an obsession with obtaining the album Rumours. For several reasons: 1. We both separately read the same Reddit thread, which was about albums you can listen to without skipping a single track. In addition to Graceland (I mean, duh), Rumours was at the top of the list. WeContinue reading “No, that’s all true.”