A Twin Peaks Pilgrimage, in photos

Happy one year anniversary of Twin Peaks returning to TV! I guess it’s appropriate—but also completely coincidental—that last week Alex and I rented a car in Seattle, hopped on I-90 east toward Snoqualmie, and went on a day-long expedition to visit a bunch of Twin Peaks filming locations. (Alex had been in town for aContinue reading “A Twin Peaks Pilgrimage, in photos”

What story are we watching, Charlie?

HOO BOY. You know that feeling after waking up from a strange dream…those few seconds of disoriented, uneasy confusion? Having to parse reality from your mind’s own creations? The finale of Twin Peaks: The Return has managed to pinpoint that feeling and make it last indefinitely. Man…David Lynch and Mark Frost really made me thinkContinue reading “What story are we watching, Charlie?”

Confessions about Twin Peaks

(Minimal spoilers ahead.) • Prior to actually watching the show, I thought Twin Peaks was a crime drama that took place in San Francisco. I’d also never seen any of David Lynch’s work. That is to say, my background knowledge was pretty nonexistent. • It wasn’t a person who convinced me to finally watch the show, it was Netflix.Continue reading “Confessions about Twin Peaks”

August was beautiful and so are you

The title of this post came from a dream I had last night. Except in the dream I kept trying to write out the phrase and couldn’t spell for the life of me, so actually more like a nightmare? Some noteworthy things from last month: ED RUSCHA AND THE GREAT AMERICAN WEST. We went to see this exhibition atContinue reading “August was beautiful and so are you”