Top Fives, Bowie Edition

First of all, can we just take a second to appreciate 1960s Bowie? (The original YouTube video got taken down; I was referring to the first two and a half minutes of this film:) Besides the whole “actual name being David Jones” thing…there’s something very Davy-esque about Bowie’s performance in this video. Or am IContinue reading “Top Fives, Bowie Edition”

Happy Byrneday

In celebration, 5 of David Byrne’s Weirdest/Best Moments: 1. Interviewing himself. In case you ever wanted to see DB in drag. Or blackface. (Also features the Big Suit.) 2. “Once in a Lifetime” music video. Classic. 3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast interview. Long hair don’t care! This clip just gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it. “NOT AContinue reading “Happy Byrneday”

Top Fives: Monkees Edition

Friday! Finally! Here’s a #FBF to the first post on this blog (or “online journal,” as I called it back in 2008). In true ethno-major style, it was a celebration of the jawbone as an instrument and also, of course, the Monkees (yes! those two things actually are related). A couple notes about this: A) The numberContinue reading “Top Fives: Monkees Edition”

5 Reasons

Why Brian May is currently my favorite rock guitarist: The ‘Dixieland jazz band’ in “Good Company” is actually Brian recreating each instrument—clarinet, trombone, trumpet, etc.—on the guitar. . He hand-made his Red Special guitar with his dad, using pieces of a fireplace, table, and bike, and measured the fret placement in the nerdiest possible way:. Adorable tweets about astrophysics.Continue reading “5 Reasons”

Happy Spocktober!

Ok, so I know it’s already a few days into the month…and I only just discovered that Spocktober was an actual thing (me: “Ha! Spocktober! That’s clever, I wonder if anyone else has thought of that. *google search* …Yes. Yes, everyone has thought of that.”), but I thought in celebration I would do some moreContinue reading “Happy Spocktober!”

George Harrison Week is my favorite week

A hearty salute to Conan for introducing George Harrison Week to the people (how wasn’t this a thing before?). It’s basically been a whole week of musical tributes to George, in celebration of the new Apple Years box set. I can’t believe that this is one of the few times I’ve had access to cable and I didn’t watchContinue reading “George Harrison Week is my favorite week”

Top Fives: Queen Edition

I’ve been watching entirely too many Queen videos on YouTube this past week, and as a result I’ve had a pretty fun time putting this post together. It also means I’ve made no progress updating the rest of my old posts, but oh well. Among my YouTube finds was an interview where Freddie was talking about Queen’sContinue reading “Top Fives: Queen Edition”

Top Fives: John Entwistle Edition

Top 5 Who Songs Sung by John: –Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (I love this one so much, don’t judge) –Boris the Spider (obvi) –The Quiet One –Trick of the Light -I know it’s kind of a stretch, but A Quick One because John’s falsetto at the end is too. much. . Nikki’s Top 5 Favorite Johnfacts: -He hadContinue reading “Top Fives: John Entwistle Edition”