"I’ve never seen Mick Jagger make THAT face"

Awesome surprise of the week: not knowing anything about the season finale of SNL, then watching it and finding out that MICK JAGGER is the host/musical guest. +100000! Mick was great – I was surprised at how many sketches he was in, but he was super funny in all of them. Fred Armisen’s Jagger impression was priceless. Also, I love The Californians, so he just made it even better (plus Steve Martin, yesss).

“Get on the on-ramp to the 405 and get outta here!

And then the ending. I seriously got teary-eyed when everyone started dancing and singing Ruby Tuesday with Kristen Wiig. I’m so sad she’s leaving the cast – she was definitely my favorite. I hope this means she’ll do more amazingly hilarious movies à la Bridesmaids.

Also, just for fun: the REAL moves like Jagger:


have some holiday cheer

Tonight I watched the SNL Christmas Special, which replayed a bunch of Christmas skits from throughout the show’s history. I especially enjoyed the ones from the 70s, probably because that’s the cast I know and love most…Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner…they were all so great! So now, in celebration of Christmas (and the 70s), here is my favorite SNL cast hamming it up to Winter Wonderland: