The Bookends Poster Saga

Today would’ve been Record Store Day, but just like all other notable “holidays” that I usually celebrate around this time of year—Pi Day, April Fools’, Charlie Chaplin’s birthday—it was overshadowed by this pesky global pandemic and I very nearly forgot about it. (Technically, Record Store Day 2020 has been postponed to June 20, so hopefullyContinue reading “The Bookends Poster Saga”

Favorite Things of All Things

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert (still can’t find a good way to abbreviate that) was on TV the other night, and naturally I had to re-watch/re-live it. ESPECIALLY this: Oh my gosh, we were all so nervous for Artie when they starting singing this song (his voice is not soContinue reading “Favorite Things of All Things”

We’ll marry our fortunes together

My blog has been quite lacking in the S&G department lately, which I just won’t stand for.So here, have a video of what is probably my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song ever, America: Not sure why this is my favorite…maybe because it’s one of the few songs I can play on guitar, or maybe becauseContinue reading “We’ll marry our fortunes together”

when evening falls so hard

This song is prone to parody, and easy to exaggerate for sure. One time Alex and I blasted it out the car windows as we drove slowly down frat row at UCLA, just to be ironic. But tonight I’m listening to the words. Reading them, actually, from my Paul Simon lyrics book [/nerd]. Because theyContinue reading “when evening falls so hard”

cool instruments, pt. 1

So I TOTALLY did not catch this at the concert, but there is a theremin solo two minutes into “The Boxer”!! How did that get there? “Hey Artie, you know what would sound great in this instrumental break…?” Haha, I love how S&G always add subtle (and apparently not-so-subtle) changes when they play live: TheContinue reading “cool instruments, pt. 1”

and it’s the same old story….

You know what I love about Simon and Garfunkel? Their songs never get old. In fact, the more I listen to any given S&G song, the more I love it. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the more obscure ones (Keep the Customer Satisfied!!) or one that everyone knows…for example, today while driving toContinue reading “and it’s the same old story….”

Your weekly (daily? hmmm…) Simon and Garfunkel video

In the parts where they’re running down the street, they totally remind me of When the Blood Comes Home (a reference that maybe two people will get): 87 DAYS!!!! Oh and when I was home on Friday night, I discovered we have all S&G albums on vinyl (except Bookends, the one everyone else seems toContinue reading “Your weekly (daily? hmmm…) Simon and Garfunkel video”