Old LA pics

Been looking at this website…lots of great old pics from campus! This one is dated May 19, 1970:

LISTENING TO THE MUSIC OF PEACE–Throng of UCLA students in Royce Hall Quad as Los Angeles Philharmonic director Zubin Mehta, on podium at the lower right, conducts university’s music department in performance of peace music from Handel’s “Messiah.” About 5,000 students, faculty members were on hand.

Why doesn’t this kind of stuff happen anymore?? Here are some more:

AT WESTWOOD — President Robert Gordon Sproul of the University of California is shown addressing U.C.L.A. students yesterday at which time he warned that Communist propaganda is invading local college campuses. 1947.

WOE IS ME!-The parking problem at UCLA is illustrated by Mary Ann Harmon’s frustration, above. The Pasadena girl, a business major, is looking for her car in one of UCLA’s packed parking lots. 1961. [psh, they thought it was bad THEN…]

NEW LOCATION–Youthful salesmen who wave frantically at passing motorists to spur sales of maps showing the homes of movie stars have been forced to get out of Los Angeles. But they have located just outside city limits on Sunset Blvd. 1973. [Star maps are still abundant in the outskirts of Hollywood along Sunset Blvd, though now it’s sketchy looking men who are selling them – maybe it’s just the same kids grown up, hahah.]

Cityscape of pedestrians, car traffic and buildings on fifth street, downtown Los Angeles, Calif. circa 1920.

You can disregard whatever I said a year ago about living in the midwest. I like it out there and all, but I LOVE THE CITY. There’s just so much to do…so much excitement. I think a lot of this has to do with finally being able to fully explore LA this summer. I had so much fun going to places like the Hollywood Bowl, Venice Beach, the mountains in Malibu, cruising down Sunset and Wilshire and stopping at random places ranging from cemeteries to art galleries. There are endless possibilities here in LA, and though it’s going to be a bit more of a challenge without a car, I’m going to continue my city adventures while I still can!

gliding down over Mulholland

I can finally say that I’m truly happy to be in LA. I’ve had a kind of love-hate relationship with the city the past two years, but now I’ve grown to love it. The traffic and smog still suck, but I like the feeling of being a part of something big. And I love discovering new and exciting things, which there are plenty of.

I began making an LA playlist: songs from my itunes that are specifically about the city, or at least make significant references to it. I have compiled part of it into a convenient list of video links, for your (or perhaps only my) enjoyment:

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty. The ultimate LA-imagery song for me: “It’s a long day livin in Reseda/There’s a freeway runnin through the yard…”
Imitation of Life – R.E.M. I first saw this video in a motel room somewhere when I was like 12, and it stuck with me for some reason. It’s been a favorite ever since.
Cruisin’ – Mike Nesmith. So incredibly 80s! I love the scenes of Sunset Strip…and Mike at the end, baha. This song usually gets stuck in my head forever.
LA Woman – The Doors. This video was made way later than the song, but it has a 60s Mustang so it’s still cool.
Beverly Hills – Weezer. Duh.

There are/will be more, but those are the videos I could find at the moment. There’s nothing like listening to this playlist while riding down Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday morning…