Sleeping all day, staying up all – niiiight

Geez it’s been forever since I’ve posted in here. I’ve started about twenty different posts in the past few months, but as is my style, never got around to finishing them. However! This weekend Alex went up north and I stayed back here in LA, which resulted in a weekend full of cleaning, chick flicks,Continue reading “Sleeping all day, staying up all – niiiight”

dci and listography

Not going to lie, I haven’t been keeping up with drum corps at all this season, except the occasional score-check and facebook posts from my friends on tour. And I’m not going to lie about this either, the only show I’ve watched is Cavies’ (“Mad World”), because their repertoire is just too relevant to myContinue reading “dci and listography”

Glenalbyn House First Night

Friday night I went to the first of a series of house concerts at the Glenalbyn house in Mt. Washington, hosted by our friend Michael Tessler. Performers included Ana Caravelle on harp, Ryan York on guitar, The Order of the Mopses, and DJ sets by Alex (aka Ricky Rice) and Nicholas Morera (aka [ a.Continue reading “Glenalbyn House First Night”

I can’t live without YouTube

I swear I’ll try to stop posting so many entries about RCC. If it suits you better, this entry can be about the Maori haka and jazz fusion instead, haha. The video below basically explains what the haka is, but in case you didn’t know, it’s a war dance by the Maori people of NewContinue reading “I can’t live without YouTube”

Let me die in my footsteps

It may seem a bit contradictory, but from studying ethnomusicology I am learning how much I love American music. Not because I don’t like other music (I love it, and I love learning about it), but I’ve just realized that most of my favorite types of music are what you would call “American” genres: rockContinue reading “Let me die in my footsteps”

home of the future…er, past?

Disclaimer: I think mid-century interior decor is something you either find strangely appealing or disgustingly hideous. Personally, I love it. From funky starburst wall clocks to chrome dining tables and avocado green appliances, the homes of the 60s and 70s were a sight to behold… That’s actually a recent pic from some guy’s house inContinue reading “home of the future…er, past?”