How else I spent November

Hello darkness my old friend December. I’m back and happy to report that I finished NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row! And this time around, I wasn’t sick of my story by the end of the month, yay! So I’m actually going to keep working on it, which is a good feeling. BesidesContinue reading “How else I spent November”

We’ll be right back, after these (50,000) words

Funny how the seasons change exactly when you want them to. I was so ready for cold weather and rain and early nights, and now that it’s November, here they are all at once! My summer-obsessed self finds it hard to believe I could feel so happy walking down Market in my puffy jacket and scarf,Continue reading “We’ll be right back, after these (50,000) words”

DCI & The Power of the Crowd

This post inspired by /r/happycrowds, my new favorite subreddit. And also drum corps, because it’s one of my favorite things of all things. Like most other people on the internet today, I have now seen a video of 1,000 Italians performing the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly” in unison: an unexpectedly awesome thing to witness. The video remindedContinue reading “DCI & The Power of the Crowd”

Soundtracks of the Southwest

Oh, hey. If it seems like there’s been a relatively long gap since my last post, it’s because I’ve been out kicking it with the cowboy angels on Route 66 (in other words, on a road trip). Alex and I are getting pretty good at this big-spontaneous-trip thing. The decision to hit the road was 75% spurredContinue reading “Soundtracks of the Southwest”

Record stores of Amsterdam (a new travel hobby)

What better way to combat jet lag than writing a blog post at 4am? I’m sure I’ll be coming back to edit this one once I “wake up”… Anyway, I’m back from my trip and it would appear that I’ve fallen in love with Amsterdam. The city is beautiful (even in cold weather), and the peopleContinue reading “Record stores of Amsterdam (a new travel hobby)”

Why we need obsessions

I’ll be the first to admit that “hardship” to me is so mild compared to what a lot people have experienced. I had a happy childhood and continue to have a wonderful family, close friends, and a steady job. But everyone’s entitled to feel sad every once in a while. Or stressed. Or pissed off. I think it’sContinue reading “Why we need obsessions”

Utah weekend by the numbers

790 miles traveled in 1 day 526 / 9 minutes/hours of Beatles listened to, nonstop 456 Beatles songs on my iPod at least 5 attempts to obtain the Past Masters albums 10 drum corps watched 8th time seeing OK Go in concert Thursday. Let me just say that marathoning the 13 U.S. Beatles’ albums in order was probably theContinue reading “Utah weekend by the numbers”

A personal and humble tribute to OK Go

I’ve been working on this post on and off for over a year now, waiting for the right moment to post it. I think the time has finally come, seeing as OK Go has just announced their new album and a summer tour. IT’S ALL HAPPENING! *cue confetti* I think most people know by nowContinue reading “A personal and humble tribute to OK Go”

What’s your Golden Age?

I recently watched Midnight in Paris for a second time and decided that it was definitely one of my favorite Woody Allen movies to date. Besides the amusement of Owen Wilson basically channeling Woody Allen’s rambly and neurotic behavior, this movie pretty much speaks directly to my own obsessions. In the movie, Gil is obsessedContinue reading “What’s your Golden Age?”