YouTube is a magical place

File this one under “Paul McCartney music videos that are simultaneously delightful, confusing, and disturbing”: A screenshot: But also…I can’t stop replaying it, because ugh, those McCartney songs are just so catchy. Anyway, this Friday’s gift to you is a YouTube playlist comprised of equally perplexing Macca videos. I’ve realized over the past two nights that Paul has so manyContinue reading “YouTube is a magical place”

Martha My Dear

For some light Saturday viewing, here is a pictorial tribute to Martha, Paul’s sheepdog a.k.a. The Real Fifth Beatle: Why that last picture never made it as an album cover is a mystery to me. And also, because Post-Beatles Martha must not be forgotten, here are some McCartney family photos that also happen to showcase how coolContinue reading “Martha My Dear”

Paul McCartney rocks (and might also be a robot)

Last week’s Farewell to Candlestick show was one I couldn’t pass up because: 1) whenever Paul McCartney is in town, I HAVE TO SEE HIM; 2) it was the last public event at the ‘Stick before the stadium gets demolished; and 3) the Beatles played the last show of their last tour ever there, so it’s got some prettyContinue reading “Paul McCartney rocks (and might also be a robot)”

Paul McCartney at Outside Lands, 8/9/13

Who’s got two thumbs and just went to her second Macca concert in San Francisco? (this girl!)  And I had an amazing time, surrounded by fans of all ages (there was even a baby rocking out next to me) among the sweet smell of…eucalyptus trees…in Golden Gate Park. Correct me if I’m wrong, but IContinue reading “Paul McCartney at Outside Lands, 8/9/13”

The Evolution of Beatles Movies, feat. Paul McCartney and Victor Spinetti

Two things I meant to blog about this past week: Happy 70th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney! Here, check out this epic photo tribute from Time. R.I.P. Victor Spinetti, hilarious actor and familiar face in all 3 Beatles films (fun fact: we share a birthday). You will be missed! And now, here are some videosContinue reading “The Evolution of Beatles Movies, feat. Paul McCartney and Victor Spinetti”