Happy Festivus! (one day late)

I was planning to post this on actual Festivus, but I got distracted in the best way possible (getting together with old friends and playing Super Smash Bros.). In any case, it’s less of a holiday post and more of an end-of-the-year-lollapalooza sort of thing. I started out with just the odds & ends but somehow thisContinue reading “Happy Festivus! (one day late)”

Into the Great Wide Open

Just some miscellany for you on this fine Friday eve… 1. OK Go’s new album Hungry Ghosts officially comes out next week, but you can hear the whole thing now at Hype Machine! Thanks to pre-orders and two OK Go concerts this summer, a lot of these songs already feel like old favorites (“The OneContinue reading “Into the Great Wide Open”

Utah weekend by the numbers

790 miles traveled in 1 day 526 / 9 minutes/hours of Beatles listened to, nonstop 456 Beatles songs on my iPod at least 5 attempts to obtain the Past Masters albums 10 drum corps watched 8th time seeing OK Go in concert Thursday. Let me just say that marathoning the 13 U.S. Beatles’ albums in order was probably theContinue reading “Utah weekend by the numbers”

A personal and humble tribute to OK Go

I’ve been working on this post on and off for over a year now, waiting for the right moment to post it. I think the time has finally come, seeing as OK Go has just announced their new album and a summer tour. IT’S ALL HAPPENING! *cue confetti* I think most people know by nowContinue reading “A personal and humble tribute to OK Go”

Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

edit: OK. Just stop everything right now and take a couple minutes to watch this video and you will see why OK Go is so amazing to me. SERIOUSLY. It is unbelievable how amazing they are. Original post: OK Go’s new album comes out tomorrow!!!! You better bet I’ll be on the first bus toContinue reading “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”

lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice

(Excluding the obvious like Beatles/Stones/etc.) OK GO IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER. Definitely my favorite band in existence today. A few key reasons: They are incredibly well-dressed They love paisley/floral/decorative prints Their videos remind me of us Ahh, this band has been a source of so many great times over the past 3 years. SinceContinue reading “lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice”

mediocre people do exceptional things all the time

Yesterday, an awesome text message from Jocelyn informed me that OK Go is playing in San Diego on May 9, and we decided we MUST go see them!!! Now I have just spent the past 20 minutes revisiting OK Go’s website, where I failed at not watching YouTube again. But c’mon, it’s OK Go andContinue reading “mediocre people do exceptional things all the time”