We are here, and we’re gonna have a good time

Unless you follow me or Mike Nesmith on social media, you probably didn’t know there was a new Monkees album out (after all, they’re almost 75 years old and only 3/4 of the original band remains). But I’m here to tell you that it dropped on Friday and it is ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD. The album is called —waitContinue reading “We are here, and we’re gonna have a good time”

You’re a nail-biter, and your mother never ever loved you.

Yes. YES. YAAAAAAASSSS. I’ve just thought of the perfect Halloween costume. Ok, tasteless stereotyping and ridiculousness aside…..MONKEEMEN! I mean, look at them, it’s perfect. The reason I’m so excited? If you couldn’t guess, it’s the fact that I can wear my glasses for a costume and IT WILL LOOK 100% ACCURATE. My whole life I’veContinue reading “You’re a nail-biter, and your mother never ever loved you.”

Catching up

It finally happened!: I made it through November alive! This was my third time attempting NaNoWriMo, and I finally succeeded in writing 50,000 words in 30 days. WOOO! Quite a lesson in commitment. I guess you could call the (un)finished product a “novel,” except I’d have months of re-writing and de-suckifying to do before I could ever consider itContinue reading “Catching up”

Gimme some good ol’ American music

I’ve been keeping a list of music that I’ve been obsessing over recently – whether it’s new stuff on the radio or classic albums revisited – and after putting them all in one list, I am noticing a distinct Americana theme going on. I must be going through one of those summery, itching-to-hit-the-road phases orContinue reading “Gimme some good ol’ American music”

defending my honor, isn’t that groovy?

This past week has been marked by an excessive amount of Monkee-marathoning. I can’t believe my parents have put up with listening to the Monkees theme song literally ten times a day, haha. I am so in love with Mike Nesmith. I don’t know whether it’s the hair, the wool hat, the voice, or someContinue reading “defending my honor, isn’t that groovy?”