Top Fives, Bowie Edition

First of all, can we just take a second to appreciate 1960s Bowie? (The original YouTube video got taken down; I was referring to the first two and a half minutes of this film:) Besides the whole “actual name being David Jones” thing…there’s something very Davy-esque about Bowie’s performance in this video. Or am IContinue reading “Top Fives, Bowie Edition”

Jagger around the world

It’s my own personal opinion that the best way to end 2015 (a.k.a. The Year of the Stones) is with a Mick Jagger picspam, taken directly from his delightful Twitter account. While perusing Mick’s tweets, I’ve noticed that in addition to posting pictures of himself in various cities around the world, he also likes to stand the exact same way in eachContinue reading “Jagger around the world”

I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete

Ok, so a little background… Sometime between 8th and 9th grade, after I’d exhausted all the Beatles albums and found myself searching through my dad’s record collection for more old music, I turned to the Rolling Stones. The first album I remember listening to out in the garage was Tattoo You, a mix of pure upbeat rock (“HangContinue reading “I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete”

Is this a freaky dream?

I know I’ve already shared this via Twitter, but it’s one of my favorite things of all things, so I have no shame in posting it everywhere: Ahah, the booty shake at the end is the icing on the cake. Confirmed: Mick Jagger and David Bowie can literally do whatever they want. I like to imagineContinue reading “Is this a freaky dream?”

It’s a gas, gas, gas

Before I get too deep into my thoughts on Crossfire Hurricane, I’d just like to point out one thing: Mick Jagger, Accidental Endorser of: ?! So, last night I watched Crossfire Hurricane, the new documentary about the Rolling Stones. I highly recommend it! It’s full of not-so-glamorous glimpses into the rock & roll life, especiallyContinue reading “It’s a gas, gas, gas”

"I’ve never seen Mick Jagger make THAT face"

Awesome surprise of the week: not knowing anything about the season finale of SNL, then watching it and finding out that MICK JAGGER is the host/musical guest. +100000! Mick was great – I was surprised at how many sketches he was in, but he was super funny in all of them. Fred Armisen’s Jagger impression was priceless. Also,Continue reading “"I’ve never seen Mick Jagger make THAT face"”