This week’s suggestion: listen to Fantasma

Writing this as Outside Lands goes on literally right down the street (yes, now that we live practically at the entrance to the festival, we opted not to get tickets this year). Listening to the music from the couch while wearing sweatpants is pretty cool, I must say…although I could do without the horde of drunk people outside the apartmentContinue reading “This week’s suggestion: listen to Fantasma”

Bob Dylan at the Greek, 6.9.16

(Oh geez, now that it’s July, here’s the follow up to my previous post. Sorry it’s so late; last month was cray.) PART TWO of epic, once-in-a-lifetime shows at the Greek Theater by legendary American singer-songwriters: BOB DYLAN Six days after Paul Simon, Alex and I were back at the Greek to see Bob Dylan. Now, I mustContinue reading “Bob Dylan at the Greek, 6.9.16”

Paul Simon at the Greek, 6.3.16

The theme of this past week: epic, once-in-a-lifetime shows at the Greek Theater by legendary American singer-songwriters. FIRST INSTALLMENT: PAUL SIMON It’s very appropriate that my first concert at the Greek would be Paul Simon (one of my very favorite musicians ever) with Alex and Lauren (two of my very favorite people ever). And fortunately forContinue reading “Paul Simon at the Greek, 6.3.16”

If you’re wondering where I’ll be in April…

…I’ll be right here, in this lovely city, at these awesome events: April 3. San Francisco Civic Symphony Spring Concert. Featuring an arrangement by dear friend Yvette Holzwarth, who is coincidentally performing her MFA Grad Recital at CalArts this weekend! April 7. Therianthrope @ Red Poppy Art House. Tabla aficionado Miles Shrewsbery is another old friend from the UCLA days. These guysContinue reading “If you’re wondering where I’ll be in April…”

Van Morrison at the Fox, 1.19.16

I grew up with the same fondness for Van Morrison as most children of baby boomers seem to do. My parents went to a lot of his shows over the years; my dad estimates he’s seen him around two dozen times in various venues around the Bay Area. Not to mention, he once saw Van walking down the street inContinue reading “Van Morrison at the Fox, 1.19.16”

Outside Lands, two weeks later

A little late to the party with this post, because it turns out August is a busy month! And September will be even more busy! A good problem to have, I suppose. Anyway, here are some thoughts on OSL2015: Choco Lands: Melted chocolate in a cup. I had it. Euphoria ensued. Food: I really do give kudos to OSL for having aContinue reading “Outside Lands, two weeks later”


Today I spent a lovely afternoon at Stern Grove, soaking up some much-needed sunshine and supa fresh music. For non-locals, Stern Grove is a park in San Francisco where free concerts are held every weekend during the summer (great deal, right?). Usually you can expect the weather to be cold and foggy, because that’s justContinue reading “NO WATER IN THE WATER FOUNTAIN”

I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete

Ok, so a little background… Sometime between 8th and 9th grade, after I’d exhausted all the Beatles albums and found myself searching through my dad’s record collection for more old music, I turned to the Rolling Stones. The first album I remember listening to out in the garage was Tattoo You, a mix of pure upbeat rock (“HangContinue reading “I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete”