I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete

Ok, so a little background… Sometime between 8th and 9th grade, after I’d exhausted all the Beatles albums and found myself searching through my dad’s record collection for more old music, I turned to the Rolling Stones. The first album I remember listening to out in the garage was Tattoo You, a mix of pure upbeat rock (“HangContinue reading “I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete”

The Pillars of Rock & Roll

This past week I was sad to learn that two Rolling Stones sidemen, Bobby Keys and Ian McLagan, had passed away within one day of each other. Mostly what I knew about Bobby was his rip-roaring sax solos and the excerpts from Keith Richards’ book about throwing TVs out of windows, etc. Honestly, some of the stories about BobbyContinue reading “The Pillars of Rock & Roll”

Round 2 of Keith Appreciation

So, this song came up on my itunes shuffle on the way home from work yesterday, and after listening to it on repeat several times to drown out the commotion of the packed subway station, I decided that another Keith Richards Appreciation post was in order. The above is from Keith’s tour with his bandContinue reading “Round 2 of Keith Appreciation”

Excerpts from ‘Life’

Earlier this year I read Keith Richard’s autobiography “Life” (couldn’t think of a better title, eh Keef?), and it was quite a ride. Just so so many drugs, haha. But surprisingly tasteful. I really enjoyed it. Here are a couple of excerpts, which demonstrate the range of topics this guy covered: Once you’ve got theContinue reading “Excerpts from ‘Life’”

the red light was my mind

While driving up the lonesome I-5 last weekend, I came to realize that my default road-tripping band is the Rolling Stones. Especially the gritty, rootsy Stones, circa 1969-72. Ahhhhh it’s just so good to listen to while driving down a narrow highway in the desert. Perfect examples are the albums Let It Bleed and ExileContinue reading “the red light was my mind”

Mini Keef Vid-Spam

In celebration of Keith Richards’ 66th birthday, here are two of my very favorite Stones songs (I love when they do country!), both sung by Keith. It seems unexpected that such a haggard guy always sings the ballads, haha…but he’s a total softie at heart. :) This next one was recorded in 1969…big difference inContinue reading “Mini Keef Vid-Spam”

Your weekly (daily? hmmm…) Simon and Garfunkel video

In the parts where they’re running down the street, they totally remind me of When the Blood Comes Home (a reference that maybe two people will get): 87 DAYS!!!! Oh and when I was home on Friday night, I discovered we have all S&G albums on vinyl (except Bookends, the one everyone else seems toContinue reading “Your weekly (daily? hmmm…) Simon and Garfunkel video”

Misc. updates and Amazon finds

So I added that little “tags” list to the left, because I know you care. Nah, mostly it’s for my own benefit (not that I regularly go back and read past entries or anything…), but also if you want to see how many times I’ve rambled on about a certain topic. Of course, the BeatlesContinue reading “Misc. updates and Amazon finds”

Celebrating 6 and a half decades of Keef

Happy birthday to my favorite Rolling Stone, the indestructible Keith Richards! The man has done every drug known to mankind, survived jail, Altamont, and falling out of coconut trees, and he’s still going strong. “We are not old men, we are not worried about petty morals.” – Keith, in court, 1967 (You could say he’sContinue reading “Celebrating 6 and a half decades of Keef”