4 films that define you…go.

This made the rounds on Twitter earlier today, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. The challenge was to name four films that define you, in celebration of “the personal nature of cinema.” A worthy endeavor. It kind of evolved into people just posting four images or screencaps from their chosen movies, whichContinue reading “4 films that define you…go.”

"You’re righteous, Stoney, but you’re not very hip"

Watching Psych-Out at this very moment (these are the things I watch when I’m home alone). God, this movie is weird. But it’s from 1968 so I guess I can forgive it. Gotta love those 60s taglines… Basically, it consists of a deaf girl (Susan Strasberg) discovering the Haight Ashbury scene while making friends with StoneyContinue reading “"You’re righteous, Stoney, but you’re not very hip"”


I recently re-rewatched Making ‘The Shining’ which is a documentary about exactly that. It’s a really interesting little film, the gist of which goes something like: Shelley Duvall: *whines*Stanley Kubrick: Stop whining, Shelley.Jack Nicholson: *is awesome* Seriously though, how cool is Jack? I feel like he never causes problems on the set, because he’s justContinue reading “"Wendyyyy…"”

Things I’m digging

…from the past week: . Previously unpublished photos of Jack Nicholson at home on Mulholland Drive, 1969. These were taken around the time of Five Easy Pieces, one of his lesser known/more underrated films (if you’ve never seen the diner scene, go ahead and brush up on your Nicholsonness by watching it right now). .Continue reading “Things I’m digging”

Oh, YouTube. No wonder I never get any studying done.

In my opinion, there is no cooler actor alive than Jack Nicholson. Or ever, for that matter. He just beats them all. I’ve seen a good number of his movies, but still on the to-watch list are The Last Detail, The King of Marvin Gardens, Psych-Out (crazy 60s psychedelia), Carnal Knowledge (risque 70s sex movie),Continue reading “Oh, YouTube. No wonder I never get any studying done.”

discoveries and quotes

Whoa whoa whoa HELLO AND WHOA, I just found out today that The Last Tycoon (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel, which I read over winter break) was made into a movie! What’s more, it stars Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson?! I am soooo intrigued. The Last Tycoon was a fascinating read, although Fitzgerald diedContinue reading “discoveries and quotes”

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

I watched The Shining for a 3rd (4th?) time today. Soooo creepy. I don’t think there is anyone more perfect for the role of a murderous lunatic than Jack Nicholson, haha. There are very few horror movies I like. Most of them rely on excessive blood and carnage to get your attention. With movies likeContinue reading “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”