who is it / what is it

{Just dropping in to say that my posts in the next few weeks might be limited, due to that aforementioned trip to AMSTERDAM!} Lately, things have been busy and I’ve been filling up the remaining spare moments vigorously digesting the Talking Heads discography. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that my prior knowledge of this band wasContinue reading “who is it / what is it”

Another instant obsession

I’ve had some seriously stressful weeks lately—the kind that involve skipping lunch and sleepless nights and life evaluation—but just as everything was coming to a head, I stumbled upon an amazing artist whose music that instantly made me feel better about…everything. Crazy how something as simple as a song can do that: just make youContinue reading “Another instant obsession”

Song of the night (and rest of the week, too)

This is the last song that plays on the last episode of Freaks and Geeks (which, by the way, is an amazing show – why was it cancelled??). I was already feeling all the feels because of everything that happens in the last episode, then they went ahead and played this song and I just melted.Continue reading “Song of the night (and rest of the week, too)”

So this is what the volume knob’s for

Last weekend I finally made it to the Fillmore, a venue I’ve been wanting to go to for years (it didn’t disappoint: walls filled with vintage concert posters = I was in heaven!). I went with 4 friends to see the Mountain Goats, and left the show an enthusiastic fan. . I’ll go ahead andContinue reading “So this is what the volume knob’s for”

Gimme some good ol’ American music

I’ve been keeping a list of music that I’ve been obsessing over recently – whether it’s new stuff on the radio or classic albums revisited – and after putting them all in one list, I am noticing a distinct Americana theme going on. I must be going through one of those summery, itching-to-hit-the-road phases orContinue reading “Gimme some good ol’ American music”

Record store finds

Last weekend our local record store Freakbeat Records had a massive sale, and I picked up some serious goods. For $5 I got the film Shine A Light (AWESOME live footage of the Rolling Stones, directed by Martin Scorsese), and for another $5 I got an LP of Ustad Vilayat Khan-Sahib and Imrat Khan-Sahib, circaContinue reading “Record store finds”

I feel more like a music major every day

My current obsession is in the form of a song. More specifically, it’s the 3-minute introduction to Tchaikovsky’s 1st piano concerto. I really can’t find words to describe it, but about 2 and a half minutes in, I feel like the strings are gripping my heart and pulling me up into the heavens, haha. MeanwhileContinue reading “I feel more like a music major every day”