Those good good Beatles harmonies

Last week, after a particularly long bus ride in which I listened to “Yes It Is” (a severely underrated song, IMO) no less than five times in a row, I was inspired to compile the perfect playlist of Beatles harmonies. Or at least, perfect to me. This is by no means comprehensive…just a few of my favorites, arranged (mostly) chronologically because IContinue reading “Those good good Beatles harmonies”

The Natch’l Blues

Interesting/relevant thing of the day: “natch” as a slang word has been around since at least the 40s (apparently if I read more comics I would know this). All this time I’ve been associating it with annoying modern abbreviations like “obvi” and “hilar”…I guess on some level that means there’s not much difference between awful internet slang andContinue reading “The Natch’l Blues”

Here are some people I like

So many words lately… I’ll just casually drop this picture here: Ladies and gentlemen, the Traveling Wilburys. “We’re the only band in the world with five rhythm guitar players.” Also, shout out to my favorite Tumblr and the source of this gem, It’s basically a compilation of lovely personal anecdotes/quotes about George Harrison, most of which giveContinue reading “Here are some people I like”

George Harrison Week is my favorite week

A hearty salute to Conan for introducing George Harrison Week to the people (how wasn’t this a thing before?). It’s basically been a whole week of musical tributes to George, in celebration of the new Apple Years box set. I can’t believe that this is one of the few times I’ve had access to cable and I didn’t watchContinue reading “George Harrison Week is my favorite week”

A rambling homage to George Harrison

Not trying to be overly sappy or anything, but I can honestly say that George Harrison changed my life. In 8th grade, I had been taking piano lessons for 6 years and played clarinet in middle school band, but music wasn’t really that big a part of my life. It was more of an extracurricularContinue reading “A rambling homage to George Harrison”

The end of the line

I’m sorry, but can we just take a second to recognize how awesome of a band the Traveling Wilburys were? The band is comprised of the following people: [Note my nifty YouTube-playlist-embedding skills] [Also, why are there like 0 videos of Bob Dylan on YouTube? His people must have some crazy copyrights set up.] That’sContinue reading “The end of the line”


Watched the Living in the Material World documentary over the past two nights and just reaffirmed my love for the Beatles and George. I foresee a lot of Fab Four-related posts in the near future….. For now, here are links to two of my new favorite tumblrs: And an awkward/awesome picture to sum itContinue reading “BEATLES LOVE”

You’ll see the sun come shining through

I feel like I’ve mentioned this song so many times, but what can I say, I love it and so many of my favorite artists have covered it. I was (very) pleasantly surprised to find a version of the Chaplin song “Smile” performed by the Brazilian bloco afro Olodum, complete with tight beats and cheesyContinue reading “You’ll see the sun come shining through”