George Harrison Week is my favorite week

A hearty salute to Conan for introducing George Harrison Week to the people (how wasn’t this a thing before?). It’s basically been a whole week of musical tributes to George, in celebration of the new Apple Years box set. I can’t believe that this is one of the few times I’ve had access to cable and I didn’t watch any of these shows live. I’m awful. But…good thing for the Internet! Last night I enjoyed watching Dhani & Friends playing “Let It Down” (side note: a song originally produced by Phil Spector who is looking horrifying these days).

Watching Dhani play is like watching a modern day George
Watching Dhani play is like watching/hearing a modern day George!

Also, Paul Simon performed a lovely version of “Here Comes the Sun“, although I’ll always prefer the version he and George did together (how can you not love that 70s glow?). I’m not exaggerating when I say these are my two FAVORITE musicians singing what could quite possibly be my favorite song of all time. Epic.

As for the newly released box set, I’ll have to get back to you on that. One of the big selling points for the set was that George’s lesser-known albums after All Things Must Pass are finally being remastered and released, but lucky for me, I already have them on vinyl! So I might not be dropping $100 on the new box set anytime soon. But I am appreciative for the tracks I’ve discovered/rediscovered in the process of listening through these albums again (in fact, here’s a Top 5):

Top 5 George Harrison Tracks, 1968-1975:
1. Instrumental take of “The Inner Light
2. “Miss O’Dell” – George’s LAUGH!
3. “Be Here Now
4. “If Not For You” – sorry Bob, I like George’s version better :\
5. “What Is Life” – one of the very first solo George songs I heard and fell in love with

Fistful of Mercy

Cool new band: Fistful of Mercy, made up of Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur…a modern-day supergroup not unlike the Traveling Wilburys. :)

Speaking of supergroups, here’s a rockin performance of “Father’s Son”:

I think my favorite song from the album is With Whom You Belong. I also really enjoy 30 Bones (live at the Hollywood Cemetery?). I must admit, I like thenewno2, but I like this even more. :)


As some of you may be aware, today I went to go see Conan and it was awwwwesome. Katie, Olivia, Brett, and I were in the audience on tonight’s show, which is on RIGHT. NOW. I got the tickets way in advance, so we had no idea who’d be there…turned out to be Tom Arnold, Tim Meadows, and Reba McEntire, haha. That was cool and all, but if only we’d ended up on yesterday’s show, featuring DHANI HARRISON. He came on the show to promote the new Beatles Rock Band and the remastered albums collection. He and Conan even played a song on the game.

Haha Dhani is having too much fun. :) Every time I see/hear him, I can’t help but imagine it’s George. Katie and I were talking about how amazingly awesome it’d be if the Beatles’ sons got together to form The Beatles, Jr….it’s totally possible:

The Lennon sons, Sean and Julian:

James McCartney:

Zak Starkey:

And of course, Dhani:

It would blow my mind. In a good way, of course. WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED YET?!?

you are here!

Tonight I saw Thenewno2 play at Amoeba, and got to meet the band! They were promoting the release of their album You Are Here, so of course I bought one. I shook Dhani Harrison’s hand and he signed my CD for me and it was awesome. The performance was cool; there were some technical difficulties (don’t you hate when that happens??) but Dhani kept us entertained by doing a little dance while microphones and cables were being changed.

My favorite songs from the album are “Give You Love”, “Another John Doe”, and “Life Off”. I swear, Dhani’s voice sounds so much like George’s, I always get tripped out because I hear it and imagine George doing all this electronic stuff, haha. He also looks so much like his dad it’s UNREAL:

(The top pic was George, the other two were of Dhani from some photo shoot.)
In conclusion, I had a great night! I went with Jon, the bassist from RCC, who is just as much of a Beatlenerd as me. We also ate at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood (note to self: awesome place to eat, come back in summer!).

Also, on a totally unrelated note, I have lately been quite fond of the following two songs: “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend (it’s so catchy! go listen if you don’t mind a couple f-bombs) and “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes (reeeeaaally pretty).
edit: Also, “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright. Check em out!