The band leader has a sneaky feeling for the hat check girl

A piece of trivia for Sunday morning: 2014 is the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin in film. His first appearance as the Tramp, 1914 Like everything else in the last century, the film industry has progressed by leaps and bounds in 100 years. Crazy to think that back then, cameramen had to constantly crank theirContinue reading “The band leader has a sneaky feeling for the hat check girl”

Life is a comedy in long-shot

In celebration of Charlie Chaplin, who was born on this day in 1889, here are some home videos of the Tramp being downright dashing (these are from the Unknown Chaplin series, basically a treasure trove of footage): “‘Why can’t we take all the leaders of the different countries who are opposing each other in war,Continue reading “Life is a comedy in long-shot”

Hynkel, Garbitsch, and Herring

This past weekend I bought the Criterion Collection version of The Great Dictator, which, if you have not seen, I HIGHLY recommend. I think it might have just bumped out City Lights and become my favorite Charlie Chaplin movie. . . The Great Dictator is hilarious, thoughtful, clever, but above all, it’s a brave film.Continue reading “Hynkel, Garbitsch, and Herring”

syntax! extrareferential!

This quarter I took a really cool class called Psychology of Film Music, and for my final paper, I compared Chaplin’s City Lights and The Great Dictator (didn’t see that coming, did ya? :P). One was a silent film and one was a talkie, but it’s interesting how much they overlapped in certain aspects. ForContinue reading “syntax! extrareferential!”

autobiography reviews

…Just what you wanted to see, I’m sure. Haha. I’ve definitely gotten back into reading for fun lately (by “lately” I mean the last year or so, and by “fun” I mean instead of schoolwork), but when I look at the books I’ve read since then I realize they were almost all autobiographies. What canContinue reading “autobiography reviews”