Bob Dylan at the Greek, 6.9.16

(Oh geez, now that it’s July, here’s the follow up to my previous post. Sorry it’s so late; last month was cray.) PART TWO of epic, once-in-a-lifetime shows at the Greek Theater by legendary American singer-songwriters: BOB DYLAN Six days after Paul Simon, Alex and I were back at the Greek to see Bob Dylan. Now, I mustContinue reading “Bob Dylan at the Greek, 6.9.16”

Here are some people I like

So many words lately… I’ll just casually drop this picture here: Ladies and gentlemen, the Traveling Wilburys. “We’re the only band in the world with five rhythm guitar players.” Also, shout out to my favorite Tumblr and the source of this gem, It’s basically a compilation of lovely personal anecdotes/quotes about George Harrison, most of which giveContinue reading “Here are some people I like”

The end of the line

I’m sorry, but can we just take a second to recognize how awesome of a band the Traveling Wilburys were? The band is comprised of the following people: [Note my nifty YouTube-playlist-embedding skills] [Also, why are there like 0 videos of Bob Dylan on YouTube? His people must have some crazy copyrights set up.] That’sContinue reading “The end of the line”

"He has his finger on the pulse of our generation"

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Finished Ravi Shankar’s autobiography Raga Mala, as well as Suze Rotolo’s memoir A Freewheelin’ Time. Both were fascinating, and described – in detail – places that are extremely allusive and appealing to me. The beginning of Ravi Shankar’s book presents such beautiful imagery of India that IContinue reading “"He has his finger on the pulse of our generation"”