For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived at the intersection of technology and creativity. As a child, I spent hours on the computer designing greeting cards in Print Shop, creating weird little movies with 3D Movie Maker, and experimenting with self-expression by way of a Geocities website.

In high school and college—the phase of my life that was consumed with music and the marching arts—I still found outlets for my techie side, serving as the self-appointed webmaster for my high school percussion section and running a blog about my favorite music artists.

In the workplace, I’ve held many different positions, but in each one, I’ve always found a way to center my work around digital content creation and design. Below are a few selected examples from the past five years.

At FareHarbor, I built the company’s Help Center from the ground up, publishing 300+ pages and 20+ videos using a homegrown CMS built on top of WordPress.

While the company was in startup mode I also got to flex my video production skills, jumping in to assist with email campaigns and marketing materials when needed. I created the below video during my first year at the company by teaching myself Adobe Premiere Pro and using a combination of original content and stock media.

FareHarbor promo video, 2018

When I became a Product Owner, I used my writing and design skills to help distill complex concepts into simple user interfaces and clear, friendly UI copy. Working closely with a tight-knit group of designers and engineers, I helped build some of FareHarbor’s most impactful features.

All the while, I kept up a side hustle in freelance writing. For Hoodline, I wrote 80+ stories, supplemented with photos I took myself.

I’ve also used my personal blog as a continued outlet for my personal thoughts on music, movies, and pop culture.

I am always looking for interesting opportunities to create original content and have an impact on a local scale. I also enjoy any excuse to not talk about work, and love meeting people who are just as passionate about San Francisco, classic rock, and cats as me.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or good old fashioned email.