multimedia projects


Inspired by a Monkees interview in which Mike Nesmith encourages people to "dig things that are ugly" ("Like what?" "Oh, I don’t know, dig something like a garage door"), I started taking pictures of garage doors in various neighborhoods around San Francisco and posting them to Instagram. Although as it turns out, garage doors in SF are actually quite beautiful.

spencer owen timeshare map

A fun little map I made of (almost) every venue and show that Spencer Owen Timeshare played in the San Francisco / East Bay area from 2012-2020. (Use the zoom buttons in the top right for deets.) All photos and videos are mine.


Since 2022 I've occasionally used Google's Recorder app to take short recordings of my surroundings, a way of capturing a moment in time without relying on my usual methods (photos and words). When I remember, I'll try to add them here.

paris, outside the louvre, july 2022

san francisco, taj mahal @ stern grove, august 2022

amsterdam, protests, october 2022


Coming eventually: a web viewer for watching old videos I made circa 2001-2005.