Those good good Beatles harmonies

Last week, after a particularly long bus ride in which I listened to “Yes It Is” (a severely underrated song, IMO) no less than five times in a row, I was inspired to compile the perfect playlist of Beatles harmonies. Or at least, perfect to me. This is by no means comprehensive…just a few of my favorites, arranged (mostly) chronologically because IContinue reading “Those good good Beatles harmonies”

February music roundup

All of these artist discoveries have been thanks to my latest A Song A Day curator (Janet Choi, YOU DA BEST). I’ve enjoyed listening to this music so much that I had to share some of it here. Kaia Kater. Beautiful lyrics and Americana sound (even though she’s Canadian)! Love love love. Jacob Collier. Holy smokes, this kid! Apparently he writes/arranges, records,Continue reading “February music roundup”

Hello, my treacherous friends

Ok, so I’ve been seeing this Top 10 High School Albums thing circulating around lately, and since I’m all about lists…and albums, and high school nostalgia…I figured I should probably do it (and then not post it on Facebook, because wow, apparently everyone else had much cooler musical tastes than I did as a teenager). You might think IContinue reading “Hello, my treacherous friends”

The past harmonizes

Oh, hello. Apparently it’s almost 2017. November and December sped by so fast that I wound up at home in Vista the week before New Years, feeling like the holidays never even happened. While I’m here attempting to soak up some Southern California sunshine, here’s a quick(ish) update. It has been a strange year, hasn’t it? IfContinue reading “The past harmonizes”

On Neurosociety and Meeting Idols

The other week we got to see David Byrne(!!) and collaborator Mala Gaonkar talk about their new project Neurosociety. The discussion took place in a 100-person lecture hall at Stanford, and started off with David giving a short presentation about the exhibition. (Side note: I’m inexplicably delighted by the fact that I got to sit 20 feet away from David Byrne as he stoodContinue reading “On Neurosociety and Meeting Idols”

Confessions about Twin Peaks

(Minimal spoilers ahead.) • Prior to actually watching the show, I thought Twin Peaks was a crime drama that took place in San Francisco. I’d also never seen any of David Lynch’s work. That is to say, my background knowledge was pretty nonexistent. • It wasn’t a person who convinced me to finally watch the show, it was Netflix.Continue reading “Confessions about Twin Peaks”

Eight Days A Week: The Real Post

Ok, now for some real thoughts on Eight Days A Week. When I first heard about this documentary, I was a little disappointed that there wouldn’t be a “studio years” installment, which in my mind would’ve been much more interesting. But after watching the film, I appreciate the focus on the touring years, because: 1) It reminds usContinue reading “Eight Days A Week: The Real Post”

The Art of the Gag

It’s Buster’s birthday, and this was on the front page of Reddit tonight. I’ve never been so quick to subscribe to a YouTube channel after watching a video (well, except maybe this time). I love the choice of clips mixed with the audio interviews with Buster (he’s from Kansas, can you tell?). I’m a huge believer that physicalContinue reading “The Art of the Gag”

Eight Days A Week: A Drinking Game

Sooooo, I’ve watched Eight Days A Week twice in the past 24 hours and have a lot to say about the film itself, but while I put that together, here’s a drinking game. One drink whenever: A photo is subtly “enhanced” with moving cigarette smoke Modern-day Ringo is seen wearing a peace sign George waves awkwardly The Beatles perform inContinue reading “Eight Days A Week: A Drinking Game”