Those good good Beatles harmonies

Last week, after a particularly long bus ride in which I listened to “Yes It Is” (a severely underrated song, IMO) no less than five times in a row, I was inspired to compile the perfect playlist of Beatles harmonies. Or at least, perfect to me. This is by no means comprehensive…just a few of my favorites, arranged (mostly) chronologically because IContinue reading “Those good good Beatles harmonies”

February music roundup

All of these artist discoveries have been thanks to my latest A Song A Day curator (Janet Choi, YOU DA BEST). I’ve enjoyed listening to this music so much that I had to share some of it here. Kaia Kater. Beautiful lyrics and Americana sound (even though she’s Canadian)! Love love love. Jacob Collier. Holy smokes, this kid! Apparently he writes/arranges, records,Continue reading “February music roundup”