Confessions about Twin Peaks

(Minimal spoilers ahead.) • Prior to actually watching the show, I thought Twin Peaks was a crime drama that took place in San Francisco. I’d also never seen any of David Lynch’s work. That is to say, my background knowledge was pretty nonexistent. • It wasn’t a person who convinced me to finally watch the show, it was Netflix.Continue reading “Confessions about Twin Peaks”

Eight Days A Week: The Real Post

Ok, now for some real thoughts on Eight Days A Week. When I first heard about this documentary, I was a little disappointed that there wouldn’t be a “studio years” installment, which in my mind would’ve been much more interesting. But after watching the film, I appreciate the focus on the touring years, because: 1) It reminds usContinue reading “Eight Days A Week: The Real Post”

The Art of the Gag

It’s Buster’s birthday, and this was on the front page of Reddit tonight. I’ve never been so quick to subscribe to a YouTube channel after watching a video (well, except maybe this time). I love the choice of clips mixed with the audio interviews with Buster (he’s from Kansas, can you tell?). I’m a huge believer that physicalContinue reading “The Art of the Gag”