Eight Days A Week: A Drinking Game

Sooooo, I’ve watched Eight Days A Week twice in the past 24 hours and have a lot to say about the film itself, but while I put that together, here’s a drinking game. One drink whenever: A photo is subtly “enhanced” with moving cigarette smoke Modern-day Ringo is seen wearing a peace sign George waves awkwardly The Beatles perform inContinue reading “Eight Days A Week: A Drinking Game”

August was beautiful and so are you

The title of this post came from a dream I had last night. Except in the dream I kept trying to write out the phrase and couldn’t spell for the life of me, so actually more like a nightmare? Some noteworthy things from last month: ED RUSCHA AND THE GREAT AMERICAN WEST. We went to see this exhibition atContinue reading “August was beautiful and so are you”