Van Morrison at the Fox, 1.19.16

I grew up with the same fondness for Van Morrison as most children of baby boomers seem to do. My parents went to a lot of his shows over the years; my dad estimates he’s seen him around two dozen times in various venues around the Bay Area. Not to mention, he once saw Van walking down the street inContinue reading “Van Morrison at the Fox, 1.19.16”

The Man Who Fell To Earth

If this seems late, it’s only because I’ve desperately been avoiding pressing “publish” on a post that requires me to choose both the David Bowie and RIP tags. It still doesn’t quite compute. [And since then, Alan Rickman too?? WTF.] I’ve been listening to Blackstar on repeat this week. It’s a fitting last album: defiant, haunting, and strangely beautiful. I’dContinue reading “The Man Who Fell To Earth”