YouTube is a magical place

File this one under “Paul McCartney music videos that are simultaneously delightful, confusing, and disturbing”: A screenshot: But also…I can’t stop replaying it, because ugh, those McCartney songs are just so catchy. Anyway, this Friday’s gift to you is a YouTube playlist comprised of equally perplexing Macca videos. I’ve realized over the past two nights that Paul has so manyContinue reading “YouTube is a magical place”

So much to hear, so little time

This is totally irrelevant but, remember how on Livejournal/Deadjournal/Greatestjournal you could share your current mood and music? Talk about an awkward time capsule. Anyway, today I’m feeling nostalgic (in case you couldn’t tell) and listening to “Optimist” by DB & St. V. Happy Friday!  Here are some fun music-related doodads for the weekend: A Song A Day. Ok, I certainly don’t consider myselfContinue reading “So much to hear, so little time”