DCI & The Power of the Crowd

This post inspired by /r/happycrowds, my new favorite subreddit. And also drum corps, because it’s one of my favorite things of all things. Like most other people on the internet today, I have now seen a video of 1,000 Italians performing the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly” in unison: an unexpectedly awesome thing to witness. The video remindedContinue reading “DCI & The Power of the Crowd”


Today I spent a lovely afternoon at Stern Grove, soaking up some much-needed sunshine and supa fresh music. For non-locals, Stern Grove is a park in San Francisco where free concerts are held every weekend during the summer (great deal, right?). Usually you can expect the weather to be cold and foggy, because that’s justContinue reading “NO WATER IN THE WATER FOUNTAIN”

The man who made music history

I generally would not use a word like “cool” to describe a legal document, but hey, look at this cool document! “Why had I not signed it? I believe it was because even though I knew I would keep the contract in every clause, I had not 100 percent faith in myself to help theContinue reading “The man who made music history”

SMiLE: An American Pop Symphony

Opening anecdote: This past week I went to San Francisco’s first cat cafe (don’t laugh, it is a real thing and it is awesome), and while I sat there cuddling with a cat named Stella1, the iPad-controlled sound system played “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows,” to which Alex nudged me and went,Continue reading “SMiLE: An American Pop Symphony”