Love is all you need

What a perfect day for this: . Fun fact: That performance was from the first global satellite broadcast ever, because of course the Beatles would do something that extraordinary. The BBC asked them to write a song specially for the occasion. Paul originally suggested “Hello Goodbye,” but (no offense Paul) I’m really glad they went with this instead. BecauseContinue reading “Love is all you need”

Here are some people I like

So many words lately… I’ll just casually drop this picture here: Ladies and gentlemen, the Traveling Wilburys. “We’re the only band in the world with five rhythm guitar players.” Also, shout out to my favorite Tumblr and the source of this gem, It’s basically a compilation of lovely personal anecdotes/quotes about George Harrison, most of which giveContinue reading “Here are some people I like”

Soundtracks of the Southwest

Oh, hey. If it seems like there’s been a relatively long gap since my last post, it’s because I’ve been out kicking it with the cowboy angels on Route 66 (in other words, on a road trip). Alex and I are getting pretty good at this big-spontaneous-trip thing. The decision to hit the road was 75% spurredContinue reading “Soundtracks of the Southwest”