I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete

Ok, so a little background… Sometime between 8th and 9th grade, after I’d exhausted all the Beatles albums and found myself searching through my dad’s record collection for more old music, I turned to the Rolling Stones. The first album I remember listening to out in the garage was Tattoo You, a mix of pure upbeat rock (“HangContinue reading “I went to a Stones concert and now my life is complete”

Happy Byrneday

In celebration, 5 of David Byrne’s Weirdest/Best Moments: 1. Interviewing himself. In case you ever wanted to see DB in drag. Or blackface. (Also features the Big Suit.) 2. “Once in a Lifetime” music video. Classic. 3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast interview. Long hair don’t care! This clip just gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it. “NOT AContinue reading “Happy Byrneday”

Top Fives: Monkees Edition

Friday! Finally! Here’s a #FBF to the first post on this blog (or “online journal,” as I called it back in 2008). In true ethno-major style, it was a celebration of the jawbone as an instrument and also, of course, the Monkees (yes! those two things actually are related). A couple notes about this: A) The numberContinue reading “Top Fives: Monkees Edition”