Reason #931205137 To Love Records

Posters. Just look at these gems! That Prince poster was unexpectedly discovered after buying Dirty Minds at Rasputin (oh my gosh, Prince records have the best inserts and posters). And the S&G poster was tucked into a copy of Bookends that I found at a little record store in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s one of my favorite purchases of allContinue reading “Reason #931205137 To Love Records”

A list of delightful things, lately

1. The discovery of Cher’s twitter account. You guys, how did I not know that tweets like this have been happening since 2010? These days, she and Ringo Starr combined probably use more emojis than the collective rest of the internet. Fair warning: Cher is also prone to explosive caps lock and the occasional angry political tweet.Continue reading “A list of delightful things, lately”