Record Store Day 2014 (The Vinyl Frontier)

Yesterday, April 19, was my favorite “holiday” of the year: Record Store Day!I don’t necessarily go for the special deals or releases, but rather just for a good excuse to go record-hunting. This weekend we were in the South Bay, so we visited about five different record stores in the Mountain View/San Jose area. RasputinContinue reading “Record Store Day 2014 (The Vinyl Frontier)”

Top Fives: John Entwistle Edition

Top 5 Who Songs Sung by John: –Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (I love this one so much, don’t judge) –Boris the Spider (obvi) –The Quiet One –Trick of the Light -I know it’s kind of a stretch, but A Quick One because John’s falsetto at the end is too. much. . Nikki’s Top 5 Favorite Johnfacts: -He hadContinue reading “Top Fives: John Entwistle Edition”