It was late in the evening…

I meant to write this immediately after seeing the Paul Simon and Sting concert, but as per usual I procrastinated and then an entire week passed before I had the time to sit down again and blog. Soooo, jumping back a week…on Presidents’ Day I saw Paul Simon in concert for the 3rd time, butContinue reading “It was late in the evening…”

These people deserve Oscars too

Just wanted to share a couple of really cool behind-the-scenes videos (fascinating material for a rainy day…or is that just me?)… The first one is about foley artists. How awesome are these guys? The first time I learned about foley was when I took a recording engineering class at UCLA, and the “classroom” was actuallyContinue reading “These people deserve Oscars too”

Angels wanna wear my red shoes

So, it would appear that our Album of the Week became more of an Album Every Two Weeks, which then turned into more of an Artist of the Week…which I am not opposed to. To catch y’all up, last Saturday we took a trip to Rasputin in Berkeley and couldn’t decide between two Elvis CostelloContinue reading “Angels wanna wear my red shoes”