Favorite Things of All Things

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert (still can’t find a good way to abbreviate that) was on TV the other night, and naturally I had to re-watch/re-live it. ESPECIALLY this: Oh my gosh, we were all so nervous for Artie when they starting singing this song (his voice is not soContinue reading “Favorite Things of All Things”

On self-restraint (and Star Trek movies)

There came a point a few weeks ago when Alex and I decided that we were wasting our lives away on the Internet. I think it came about on a Saturday night, after realizing we’d spent the latter half of the day on Reddit/YouTube/Tumblr/etc., without even stepping foot outside. Normally I’m ok with nights likeContinue reading “On self-restraint (and Star Trek movies)”

Christmas break means more posts like this

So here’s a random thing to know: yesterday, Lauren and I realized that the time it takes to listen to the entire Police discography (we’re “studying” for an upcoming concert) is roughly equal to the time it takes to drive from Bakersfield to Oceanside. For reference, that’s 70-something songs over 190 miles, or about 4Continue reading “Christmas break means more posts like this”

In case you were wondering how I spent Thanksgiving weekend

[The scene: eating pizza at Urbn in downtown Vista, wondering what to do over the weekend] Lauren: “When we were in high school, what did we do for fun?” Nikki: “Go to the Krikorian….and make videos, mostly.” The result: STAR TREK VINES. 1. JT Kirk beams aboard. So glad I kept my old flip phone! 2. SylviaContinue reading “In case you were wondering how I spent Thanksgiving weekend”

TOS: End of Series Reflections

So, after a post-Thanksgiving mini-marathon (and 6 months of prior watching), we’ve finally reached the end of The Original Series. It was a great stretch too: the last few episodes include Spock playing the piano, Spock playing the lute with a bunch of space hippies, Abraham Lincoln beaming aboard, and a villain that looks likeContinue reading “TOS: End of Series Reflections”