"You’re righteous, Stoney, but you’re not very hip"

Watching Psych-Out at this very moment (these are the things I watch when I’m home alone).

God, this movie is weird.

But it’s from 1968 so I guess I can forgive it.

Gotta love those 60s taglines…

Basically, it consists of a deaf girl (Susan Strasberg) discovering the Haight Ashbury scene while making friends with Stoney (Jack Nicholson) and his gang, with lots of trippy drug-induced dioramas interspersed throughout.

Although it’s amusing to see Baby Nicholson with a (fake?) ponytail and all the images of San Francisco in the 60s, so far all it’s left me with is a lot of bad trips and this bizarro Hendrix-esque song.

The good news is, this movie is available on Netflix so you can watch (or stop watching) it any time you like.

“I don’t have much money”
“You don’t need much around here”
(if only that were still true…)

Cool hat, Jack.

edit/spoiler: WOW what a terrible ending. What’s with all these 60s movies having suuuuper depressing endings? It’s symbolic, I get it, but it’s amazing how quickly those credits start to roll after someone dies…

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