Pictures Out of Context: Star Trek Edition

There will be more of these, I guarantee. There’s just so much great material… The space-unicorn-dog didn’t make much sense in context, either. Also: a video, because why not? Somebody put together a compilation of every time a character’s name was said during one episode alone…this is the result:

I knew I liked The Gap

I will now interrupt my unintentional blog hiatus with this tidbit that totally made my week: Dhani Harrison singing For You Blue. He sounds so much like George it’s unbelievable! Supplemental: here’s the same song, sung by Paul, with Little Dhani in the background. Sorry for not blogging much lately. Been movin’/busy at work/blah blah/moreContinue reading “I knew I liked The Gap”

"You’re righteous, Stoney, but you’re not very hip"

Watching Psych-Out at this very moment (these are the things I watch when I’m home alone). God, this movie is weird. But it’s from 1968 so I guess I can forgive it. Gotta love those 60s taglines… Basically, it consists of a deaf girl (Susan Strasberg) discovering the Haight Ashbury scene while making friends with StoneyContinue reading “"You’re righteous, Stoney, but you’re not very hip"”