The odds are astronomical

Tonight we watched an exceptionally silly episode of Star Trek, in which Kirk and the crew have to outwit a planet full of humanoids who model their entire society off of the Chicago mobs of 1920s Earth (right?). I especially liked the “Fizbin” scene below, not just because the Kirk/Spock interactions are hilarious and BonesContinue reading “The odds are astronomical”

It’s about to get rullllll nerdy up in here

So lately I’ve been attempting to practice piano more (actually: re-learn what I used to be able to play in high school), and have recently rekindled my love affair with this piece: Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in c sharp minor If you’re a music geek like me, you might be able to tell from that excerpt aboveContinue reading “It’s about to get rullllll nerdy up in here”

We’ll marry our fortunes together

My blog has been quite lacking in the S&G department lately, which I just won’t stand for.So here, have a video of what is probably my favorite Simon & Garfunkel song ever, America: Not sure why this is my favorite…maybe because it’s one of the few songs I can play on guitar, or maybe becauseContinue reading “We’ll marry our fortunes together”

How to spend a Friday night, according to me

First of all, let me point out that it’s shameful I’ve lived in San Francisco for over a year and hadn’t been to the Castro Theater before tonight. What an amazing venue!! So beautiful and wonderfully old-timey; I can’t wait to go back. Interior of the Castro . The theater was built in 1922 atContinue reading “How to spend a Friday night, according to me”

No time for blogging, must watch ALL the Star Trek!

Soooo, in case you were wondering how our Star Trek marathon was going (or wondering why I haven’t been blogging lately)… We just finished Season 1 of The Original Series, roughly 30 hours of pure nerdiness. I can safely say that my obsession has not waned a bit, fueled by the Star Trek fandom ofContinue reading “No time for blogging, must watch ALL the Star Trek!”