A rambling homage to George Harrison

Not trying to be overly sappy or anything, but I can honestly say that George Harrison changed my life. In 8th grade, I had been taking piano lessons for 6 years and played clarinet in middle school band, but music wasn’t really that big a part of my life. It was more of an extracurricularContinue reading “A rambling homage to George Harrison”

Ravi Shankar: The Ladies’ Man

So I didn’t get to watch the Grammys live last weekend (hooray for no cable), but I did come across this video and thought it was blog-worthy. As far as I know, Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar have never really appeared together on TV (they are half-sisters who didn’t meet until they were teenagers). TheContinue reading “Ravi Shankar: The Ladies’ Man”

A night in Oakland, with The Who

Sooooooo, on Friday night one of my lifelong dreams came true and I saw The Who in concert. It. was. incredible. To be quite honest, I don’t know how Pete and Roger can still do it – after almost 50 years of playing and touring, you’d think they’d have fizzled out by now. Not theContinue reading “A night in Oakland, with The Who”