A not-quite-review: The Bridge School Benefit Concert

Considering I didn’t even know this concert existed before reading Neil Young’s book (crazy, since it’s been going on for 26 years), I didn’t have super high expectations going into it. Which is why I had a great time. A whole afternoon/evening of music, picnicking, and joining together for a cause – what’s not toContinue reading “A not-quite-review: The Bridge School Benefit Concert”

The Many Faces of Neil Young

My rock & roll autobiography collection is slowly growing… The latest book I’ve been reading is Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace, which has been thoroughly entertaining. I love the lack of linear story; instead Neil just tells whatever stories come to mind to him as he writes. It’s pretty great. Nothing too deep or cerebralContinue reading “The Many Faces of Neil Young”

The end of the line

I’m sorry, but can we just take a second to recognize how awesome of a band the Traveling Wilburys were? The band is comprised of the following people: [Note my nifty YouTube-playlist-embedding skills] [Also, why are there like 0 videos of Bob Dylan on YouTube? His people must have some crazy copyrights set up.] That’sContinue reading “The end of the line”