I’m finding it strange how…

…every film, TV show, and book that I have been obsessed with seem to have one thing in common: the city is an integral part of the story. That city is almost always New York, but it can also be LA, San Francisco, any big metropolis that can come to life and shape the wayContinue reading “I’m finding it strange how…”


Watched the Living in the Material World documentary over the past two nights and just reaffirmed my love for the Beatles and George. I foresee a lot of Fab Four-related posts in the near future….. For now, here are links to two of my new favorite tumblrs: http://awkwardgeorge.tumblr.com/ http://fuckyeahbeatles.tumblr.com/ And an awkward/awesome picture to sum itContinue reading “BEATLES LOVE”