the red light was my mind

While driving up the lonesome I-5 last weekend, I came to realize that my default road-tripping band is the Rolling Stones. Especially the gritty, rootsy Stones, circa 1969-72. Ahhhhh it’s just so good to listen to while driving down a narrow highway in the desert. Perfect examples are the albums Let It Bleed and Exile on Main Street. The Stones are a rock & roll band, but when you listen to these albums, they’re full of bluegrass, gospel, country, blues (mmmmm blues)…all of which were the inspiration for rock & roll in the first place. I love that about the Stones: they really appreciate roots music.

Speaking of blues, I have to share this video. It’s an old Robert Johnson song that was covered by the Stones in the late 60’s, and this is them doing it again in 1995. Personally I like this version even better than the 60’s cut; it just oozes so much wonderful blues:

Also, my dad sent me a link about Keef’s new book, which comes out next week(!!!). I’m so buying it the day it comes out.

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