Sadhanipa, from Passages

There are several really cool things about this recording. Firstly, it is from an album that was a collaboration between Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass, two absolute revolutionaries in the world of music. Secondly, it was our second movement and drum break in Esperanza’s 2006 show, Chakra. Thirdly, the tabla player is none other thanContinue reading “Sadhanipa, from Passages”

cool instruments, pt. 1

So I TOTALLY did not catch this at the concert, but there is a theremin solo two minutes into “The Boxer”!! How did that get there? “Hey Artie, you know what would sound great in this instrumental break…?” Haha, I love how S&G always add subtle (and apparently not-so-subtle) changes when they play live: TheContinue reading “cool instruments, pt. 1”

Mini Keef Vid-Spam

In celebration of Keith Richards’ 66th birthday, here are two of my very favorite Stones songs (I love when they do country!), both sung by Keith. It seems unexpected that such a haggard guy always sings the ballads, haha…but he’s a total softie at heart. :) This next one was recorded in 1969…big difference inContinue reading “Mini Keef Vid-Spam”

have some holiday cheer

Tonight I watched the SNL Christmas Special, which replayed a bunch of Christmas skits from throughout the show’s history. I especially enjoyed the ones from the 70s, probably because that’s the cast I know and love most…Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner…they were all so great! So now, in celebration of Christmas (andContinue reading “have some holiday cheer”

syntax! extrareferential!

This quarter I took a really cool class called Psychology of Film Music, and for my final paper, I compared Chaplin’s City Lights and The Great Dictator (didn’t see that coming, did ya? :P). One was a silent film and one was a talkie, but it’s interesting how much they overlapped in certain aspects. ForContinue reading “syntax! extrareferential!”