From the Rock Hall 25 website

Special Guests Added! There are a few special guests we have just released who will be joining the artists already announced. James Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Little Richard, Jeff Beck and Sting are few of the amazing artists who will be joining us these nights. More will be announced in theContinue reading “From the Rock Hall 25 website”

Old LA pics

Been looking at this website…lots of great old pics from campus! This one is dated May 19, 1970: LISTENING TO THE MUSIC OF PEACE–Throng of UCLA students in Royce Hall Quad as Los Angeles Philharmonic director Zubin Mehta, on podium at the lower right, conducts university’s music department in performance of peace music from Handel’sContinue reading “Old LA pics”

check, check, sibilance, sibilance

The Internet holds so many great and hilarious things that I can’t possibly make a coherent entry right now. Best discoveries of the day: Hot ‘N Cold – played by a Ukranian Polka Band. EVEN BETTER than it sounds; do yourself a favor and click it. Aerosmith on Wayne’s World – also featuring Tom HanksContinue reading “check, check, sibilance, sibilance”

Liverpool/Hamburg picspam!

WOOOOOOOO let’s just call this Beatles Week and now I have the perfect excuse to post countless entries about the Fab Four. Today’s tribute: Pre-Fab-Beatles! Nothing against Brian Epstein (major Brian-post coming up sometime in the near future), but I loved the Beatles’ look before he found them and “cleaned them up.” MMMMMMM LEATHER: ThisContinue reading “Liverpool/Hamburg picspam!”