R.I.P. King of Pop

Despite his cosmetic weirdness and juvenile playplace and questionable actions (pet chimpanzee?), you can’t deny the fact that Michael Jackson was an incredible performer and an amazing singer…and too young to die. I heard the news yesterday at NBCU; my supervisor came in to tell me he’d had a heart attack, and then about 20Continue reading “R.I.P. King of Pop”

Lahdle daddle daddle dig dig dig

Olivia and I spent a good part of tonight learning and rehearsing this number: I’m Lucy and Olivia is Ethel. We are auditioning for Rickys and Freds…meaning if anyone is interested, they get the part, haha. And no, this is for no other reason than our own enjoyment. :P Sadly, no matter how it turnsContinue reading “Lahdle daddle daddle dig dig dig”

Misc. updates and Amazon finds

So I added that little “tags” list to the left, because I know you care. Nah, mostly it’s for my own benefit (not that I regularly go back and read past entries or anything…), but also if you want to see how many times I’ve rambled on about a certain topic. Of course, the BeatlesContinue reading “Misc. updates and Amazon finds”