Oh, YouTube. No wonder I never get any studying done.

In my opinion, there is no cooler actor alive than Jack Nicholson. Or ever, for that matter. He just beats them all. I’ve seen a good number of his movies, but still on the to-watch list are The Last Detail, The King of Marvin Gardens, Psych-Out (crazy 60s psychedelia), Carnal Knowledge (risque 70s sex movie),Continue reading “Oh, YouTube. No wonder I never get any studying done.”

the beatles in the studio

Today while walking back from campus (I went to see my friend Veronica play at Worldstock, check her out cuz she’s awesome!), I was listening to my ipod and the George Harrison song “Someplace Else” came on, immediately followed by a very early Beatles version of “Young Blood” (also sung by George). It amused me.Continue reading “the beatles in the studio”

i like to make random connections between movies and tv shows

Tonight we went to see Road to Morocco at the Billy Wilder Theater. I loved it. Bing Crosby is a cutie and Bob Hope cracks me up. Now I know where the Monkees got so many of their gags. Recapping the plot for those who came in late, patty-cake, talking camels/cows, and Micky Dolenz imitatingContinue reading “i like to make random connections between movies and tv shows”

lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice

(Excluding the obvious like Beatles/Stones/etc.) OK GO IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER. Definitely my favorite band in existence today. A few key reasons: They are incredibly well-dressed They love paisley/floral/decorative prints Their videos remind me of us Ahh, this band has been a source of so many great times over the past 3 years. SinceContinue reading “lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice”