…and those wonderful people out there in the dark

I am in the middle of writing another film paper and this time it has to be about one of the movies we’ve watched in class. I think I spent more time trying to choose a film than I’ve actually spent writing, there are just soooo many good ones. This entry is going to beContinue reading “…and those wonderful people out there in the dark”

A sad two days in music.

Miriam Makeba passed away on Monday. She was one of the greatest singers to come out of South Africa, and also one of the strongest voices against apartheid. She had a heart attack as she was leaving the stage after a performance Monday night. If you are not familiar with South African music, I’d suggestContinue reading “A sad two days in music.”

Beatles and Who….Who-tles?

I saw this pic on Capslock Who and LOL’d. Oh Pete. So I found out while looking at the classes for next quarter that the music history department is offering a class dedicated SOLELY to the Beatles. No joke. I think that is pretty amazing, although I would never take it (one, because I haveContinue reading “Beatles and Who….Who-tles?”